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Alpha: Double Water Resistant Protection

With California’s indecisive weather patterns, we could have high temperatures in the day followed by a frost advisory in the middle of the night. Cool beach weather at the Pacific to freezing temperatures in the Sierra Mountains… we made sure we covered it all.

The Shell: 1000 Denier (1000D) coated polyester canvas fabric is a super tough, durable fabric material that won’t rot. 1000 Denier polyester canvas has twice the tear strength of cotton; the water resistant coating makes it great for protection from the elements and inclement weather.

The Insulation:  We're using 3M™ Thinsulate™ Water-Resistant Insulation (Type J) features a unique blend of synthetic hydrophobic fibers, which result in exceptional warmth and enhanced water resistance on top of the water resistant shell on the outside. Thinsulate™ has a soft feel making it comfortable and versatile for the Alpha Jacket.